Zain Grants for Universities & Participants

Grants for the International Championship Festival are based on each university's final standing in that knockout tournament.  The further a university's team advances, the larger the grant the university and its participants (four players, Coach and Liaison) receive:

Round 1 Qualifiers (16) $5,000 to universities & $500 to participants
Round 2 Qualifiers (8) $10,000 to universities & $1,000 to participants
Quarter-Finalists (4) $15,000 to universities & $1,500 to participants
Semi-Finalists (2) $25,000 to universities & $2,500 to participants
Runner-Up (1) $35,000 to university & $3,500 to participants
Champion (1) $50,000 to university & $5,000 to participants

Grants to the universities and participants are administered by the Zain representatives in each country. Universities receiving grants will be given a selection of items from which to choose, by grant level. They will also be given the opportunity to propose an alternative grant use which must be approved by Zain. In all cases, Zain will procure the grant items. Each university will be required to submit its choice within 30 days of the conclusion of the International Championship Festival so that the grant items can be procured for award immediately following the broadcast of the final episode of the television programme.

Grants for the individual recipients (four students plus the Coach and Liaison) will also be based on the university team's finish in the tournament.  There is a "cap" on cash awards at $1,000. Awards above the $1,000 level will be educational materials and supplies such as laptop computers, mobile phones, etc.

New in Season 4 is a special Zain Player of the Game award. For each TV programme, all 6 players are eligible. The viewing public votes on this award and the top player receives $1,000 from Zain!


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